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Just imagine it - romance, drama, sequels and spontaneously bursting into song!

(If you didn't realize I was joking, you don't know me at all.)

But for me and many of my peers, high school is just on the horizon and we're just all peeing ourselves with anticipation. Whoopee, high school.

Dawn swing

I just did a sweep right now to bring you this icon, which is full of symbolism I made up on the spot when I saw it. Please feel free to refer back to it every time you read something in italics. Stay with me here:
  This is the dawn of a new day. The city looms ahead of us, waiting for us to grow up and mature; waiting for the day when we can swing ourselves upward. We are reluctant to let go of the sturdy chains that have always kept us from falling, and for now, we are content with dreaming of what the future will be. Careful, hopeful, watching. Back and forth, back and forth.

Yeah, honest, I just pulled that outta my arse right now. COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT D:<

Anyways, sorry, it's been a while since I wrote anything. I'm rusting.

So XX beat me to the punch and wrote about Moving On UP. Okay, you win. I really didn't know what to say about it. It was rather pointless in my opinion, and just made me all the MORE nervous about high school.

I spent today, my last (normal week)day as a free man watching things on YouTube. I'm a big baby. I wonder if they'll just let me stay in grade 8? (Anyone else missing Song Bong lately?)

To me, nothing is a great big adventure, so it goes to follow that I don't think that highly of the next leg in my education. Four years of exams and cramming and community hours doesn't sound like the journey of a hero. There is so much that could go wrong with my life because of these four years, and knowing my luck, 70% of those things are going to happen to me. There's nothing that I can really do at this point...

... So I'm sitting here, waiting. Watching the sun go down. Hearing the ticks as each second goes by, bringing us ever closer to a dawn great, magnificent and mysterious. 
  This is the dawn of a new day, I remark from a distance.
  Back and forth, back and forth.


22 August 2009 @ 10:23 pm
Rant plz!

Ahaha... now, since it's not healthy for me to keep everything inside me sloshing around like baking soda and vinegar, I usually turn to you (oh mighty better-site-than-Twitter) for help with me on this. I yell through the keyboard.

And I did a long one just now, and figured, why don't I put this on LJ so everyone will get offended?
So I did.

I just cropped a cute little section out of the big monster of a rant, which I presenteth to thee:

D:< Rawr...Collapse )
If you read that rant with a lot of huffing and puffing and pauses with a British accent, you get a very satisfactory little speech, I think.

G'day, gentlemen.
  Augh. I've had enough of bloody poetry.

  There just isn't much to talk about, is there?

  I will tell you why I hate poetry. As in (don't get offended just yet) I hate writing it. Oh, sure, if it's good poetry I'll definitely read it. I just don't like having to follow so many rules in a medium that used to be so invitingly free. I don't think there's a point in writing if you don't get to express what you want if it doesn't rhyme, or has the wrong syllable count. What's the point? I only want to write because there are no restrictions.

  That's just what I think. Sometimes it comes out stunningly breathtaking or bundles of fun to read. I respect loads of poets because they simply have talent in their field. But mostly, it's for kids who want to kill themselves or really suck at everything else in life.

  There. Now you can get offended.

  For you not-so-bright ones out there, I didn't really mean that. I'm just sick of having to write things that mean nothing to me.

Tell me you understand. C'mon.
04 May 2009 @ 10:19 pm

  I dropped out of Indoor Beach Volleyball. Because everyone else was either staying home, or, say, not going to Indoor Beach Volleyball. Except Roni, and she dropped out too. Ah, another day o' me bloggin'. Look out.

  There ain't gonna be no stinkin' post tomorrow. So here is a compensation.

  A lot of people are whining their whiney heinies (you see what I did there?) off about how I never showed them my monologue and oh they say yours was good and please oh please for the love of Pete let me read your monologue. Well, here it is (because I haven't posted for two days. OH THE SHAME):



Addendum...Collapse )
Aw. Did I mention that everything I happen to write in this journal is TOTALLY COMPLETELY COPYRIGHT ME? Oh you have been WARNED!

That was my ssssad sssssssssssad attempt at something meaningful. It's your problem now. Lucky I didn't share my other one; even I had trouble sleeping after that.

26 March 2009 @ 09:07 pm
  This was written with the writing prompt starved.
  I don't know, this was one main reason I created an LJ?
(I say god a couple of times)


So, crit would probably be appreciated.

Also, there is the requested list of things that get me drunk. It does not go well with the story above, but... I owe it to Chrissy?
It is a relatively short list anyway:

1. H/G class
2. Lotsa alcohol (prolly)
3. Lotsa lulz
4. Shrooms...?

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